The benefits of small group personal training

‘Going to the gym’ cn mean different things to different people – what does it mean to you? Here at Iceni, we have created an environment where every member can access expert coaching in either small group strength training (a coach for every 6 people) or larger group sessions.  The choice is yours to book in for the sessions that suit you best at a time that fits in with your schedule throughout the week.  

We are going to discuss the benefits of participating in a small group session a bit further—and they are many and varied!  

The best of both worlds

Small group sessions give individuals access to expert coaching as you train alongside others.  You receive personal guidance and encouragement as you share the experience with your fellow ‘small groupers’ – the very best of both worlds!  From a financial perspective, this is a more affordable option than 1:1 coaching and quite often, quicker results will be seen with motivation continuing for longer.  Feeling part of a united community is both important and extremely beneficial to the positive results you will experience.    

Getting to know you

You may have noticed that our coaches take an interest in every single member.  And there’s a very good reason for that!  Our coaches have over 40 years of combined experience between them –hundreds of people have gained from being coached under their trained and watchful eyes.  No matter your ability, age or previous injuries, small group sessions can be adapted for anyone whatever their level.  We have weekly meetings to make sure that we’re all aware of any injuries or issues our members have so that when you’re training, we can adapt any exercise to make it accessible and workable for you. 


We’ve all been there.  We start a gym with all good intentions with high hopes to achieve the results we’re looking for.  Then, the enthusiasm tails off, and we become despondent and demotivated. Being part of a small group helps maintain your motivation by harnessing a community spirit and automatically setting you up for a positive session.  Not only does your body benefit, but your mind does too, and feelings of well-being naturally increase as you share the training experience with others.


Solitary gym sessions might work for a few, but in general, we’re sociable beings who benefit from interaction with others.  At Iceni, our ethos is to provide an environment where everyone feels part of an inclusive community with shared goals of fitness and positive mental health.  That community often extends past the four walls of the gym as we have a healthy and proactive list of extra-curricular events throughout the year such as get-togethers, hikes, ski trips, parties and pub lunches. 

If you’re not already a member and you would like to give Iceni a try, please get in touch to see how we can help you achieve your fitness goals and become part of a unique community.

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