The 5 hallmarks of a great diet

There is no such thing as the “best diet.” However, there is the best diet for you.

Most diets will and do work to some extent.

However, the best diet for you will always be the one that best fits your lifestyle, goals, and preferences.

While everyone’s diet will be different, there are five common components that all diets should have.

1. High in Protein

Every meal should be built around a quality source of protein. It aids in the repair, rebuilding, and maintenance of muscle tissue, which not only improves body composition (the appearance of your body) but also increases your metabolic rate. It is also satiating, which keeps you fuller for longer. The better you control your hunger, the more sustainable your diet will be.

2. Rich in a variety of vegetables

A variety of vegetables helps you meet your vitamin and mineral requirements while also aiding in detoxification, suppressing inflammation, and promoting healthy digestion.

Vegetables are also an excellent diet food because they are high in physical volume but low in energy density, allowing you to eat plenty to satisfy your hunger without increasing your calorie intake.

3. A mix of healthy fats

Fat is necessary for health and should be part of the foundation of any transformation diet.

Fat is an excellent source of energy and has the ability to slow digestion and suppress hunger between meals.

However, because each gramme of fat contains more than double the calories (9 calories) than protein or carbohydrates (4 calories), it is easy to overeat.

4. Healthier and well-timed carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, like fats, should not be feared. As part of a well-balanced diet, healthy, non-refined carb sources can provide a variety of advantages.

They can improve your performance and strength, as well as aid your recovery from workouts. They can also improve thyroid function and help you sleep better. Carbohydrates are best-eaten pre-workout to help fuel your body for your workout.

This doesn’t mean carbohydrates should be avoided in other meals across the day as it forms part of a balanced diet.

5. Calorie-controlled

There’s no getting around it: calories matter. So, regardless of which diet best suits your lifestyle and goals, losing weight comes down to how well you can control your calorie intake.

It’s worth repeating that not all calories are created equal. A thousand calories from steak and vegetables will not have the same effect on the body, blood sugar, and appetite levels as a thousand calories from pizza, cake, and chocolates.

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