Fit at 50

Are simple everyday tasks becoming more difficult?

Do you want to keep ticking things off the bucket list or are you resigned to old age?

Do you want to be fit at 50?

We’re getting older…so what? Age is just a number. If you are fit, supple and healthy, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t live an incredibly active and fulfilled lifestyle for many decades yet to come.

Ageing is frustrating because it forces you to sit in an older body, the person you’ve always been but now in slightly damaged packaging. Basic tasks begin to become more difficult, weight begins to accumulate, and energy levels begin to dwindle.

Yes, our bodies do start to deteriorate as we age, but are you just going to sit back and let that happen?

The truth is that with structured exercise and sensible nutrition, you can postpone and even reverse the effects of ageing. The only thing that should give your age away are those pesky grey hairs!

Our Training programme focuses on restoring your body’s natural movement. We work with you to build/maintain muscle mass, increase strength and keep your joints stable and healthy.

It’s not about bench pressing 80 kg or being the fittest person in class. It’s all about being your fittest and healthiest self. It’s critical that you can keep up with the kids and grandkids, carry heavy shopping bags, and still do things we often take for granted, like bending over easily.

Fitness is just movement, and movement is the medicine of life. so how can we help you?

Tailored Programmes

You will receive a comprehensive evaluation first followed by a bespoke programme. This will include a combination of training geared towards strength, endurance, mobility and balance.

Goal Setting

It’s no longer about having bulging biceps or stomachs that are toned. Yes, you want to feel and look great, but we also want to help you get fit, strong, and reverse your physical decline.


We’re no longer children, but everyone can benefit from a healthy dose of accountability. We’ll collaborate with you to ensure you’re making progress and meeting your objectives

Nutrition Plan

A customised nutrition plan through our nutrition accelerators will be provided for you. Nutritional requirements change as we age so it is imperative that this is correct. We understand that eating is one of life’s pleasures so don’t worry it’s not a strict, boring and restrictive diet plan (red wine is included in the plan too!)

Anti-ageing Mindset

Age, as previously stated, is just a number. When it comes to how old we look and feel, so much of it is determined by our mindset. We shouldn’t have preconceived notions about what we can and cannot do as we age; there are 90-year-olds running marathons. Our bodies are incredible; all we must do is remind ourselves of this while fighting against our body clock.

There is no better time than now to make a positive change; consider how far ahead you could be in a few months if you begin now. We look forward to assisting you in living a happier and more fulfilled life.

If you have any questions on the above or would like some advice on how we could help you with your fitness goal, don’t hesitate, to visit our gym and talk to one of the coaches about signing up.

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