Creating New Habits

There is no industry secret around the January fitness craze, driven by those new year resolutions telling yourself this is your year to become the best version of you.

Many people start strong but somewhere along the way fall out of routine and cancel their memberships and don’t step foot in the gym until next January, well are you aware of the stages of behaviour change.

Over Christmas you may have noticed you are not where you want to be in your fitness or body image and are thinking about making that change. In this Contemplation stage you are still not sold on the idea of making the change.

You may notice this is a problem and start searching for gyms and even filling out contact forms. This is all part of the preparation phase working out where and how you are going to make that change.

After this stage you have settled on what you are going to do and step foot in the gym, begin working out feeling like you can take on the world. This is the action phase, starting the new behaviour.

The maintenance stage is the hardest stage as it is the continued behaviour, replacing the old. As you begin to work more and the gym becomes less of a priority you may begin to enter the relapse phase returning to previous behaviours.

Relapsing is completely normal but fear not the more you try to change your behaviour the time between relapse and action phases decrease, until eventually you will keep yourself in the maintenance stage.

Top Tips to keeping on track:

  1. Set clear SMART goals
  2. Organise a set time for exercise
  3. Increase accountability
  4. Create a social link to exercise

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